Multiline Transport Ltd. commits to and specializes in providing logistic solutions that would cater to the individual needs of our customers. We believe that by providing utmost customer service care and by offering quality movements of freight in a quick, effective, reliable and cost efficient way.

We will not only build a strong, long lasting business partnership but also a mutually prosperous one.

For more information about services that we provide please call us at 416-913-2823.

Multiline Transport is a privately owned corporation by Mr. Stan Borawski. He has been engaged in the logistics industry for the past 25 years.

His extensive knowledge and experience which includes all aspects of freight forwarding allowed him to capitalize on being able to provide exceptional logistic solutions and services to his customers such as Décor-Rest, Kuehne & Nagel Transborder, Schneiderman’s Furniture, Total Logistics, Stonier Transportation, Reflection Furniture, Dynasty Furniture, Craler Transportation Service just to name a few; and to gain their trust and satisfaction.